A mini-course on creativity, reconnecting with joy, and finding our best selves in the process.

Packed with fun, inspiration, and ways to boost your creativity!

  • Four projects you can create along with me.
  • My favorite art supplies and resource list (you can use what you have though).
  • Bonus content that includes social media templates & a look at digitizing your art.

All Skill Levels Welcome!

This mini-course is about using paint as a way to tap into our creativity, calm our minds, and create space to breathe a little deeper.

All of these videos are included:

  • Video One: Creating Space for Your Art Practice
  • Video Two: Getting Started
  • Video Three: My Favorite Supplies
  • Video Four: Choosing Your Color Palette
  • Video Five: The Warm-up - Abstract Art
  • Video Six: Watercolors Exercise
  • Video Seven: Art Journal Page
  • Video Eight: Watercolors Part 2
  • Video Nine: Acrylic Flowers

ONLY $37!

Get the course now for only $17!


You're Getting the Four Fun Bonuses, Too!

BONUS: Creating Social Media Image + 48 Blank Images to Use

BONUS: Creativity Quotes PDF Printables

BONUS: Creating a Digital Paper

BONUS: A Fun Look at Turning Real Life Art Into Digital Products

Hi! I'm Kelli!

I started Pink Lemonade Company over 10 years ago when I stumbled upon graphics and Photoshop. I didn't know how to use any of it at first but it all looked so FUN!

I was working 12-hour shifts at the local hospital and I was so over not being able to see my kids more. So, I decided to take a leap and create a business doing something I loved.  

Today I run a successful multiple six-figure business teaching others how to use graphics, how to create their own, and how to run their own creative business online.  

Creativity is a gateway to a world of possibility. Join me in this mini-course and find new possibilities!

ONLY $37!

Get the course now for only $17!