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In this bundle, we'll go over designing for others, how to sell what you create, ways to turn your passion into a payday & more.

PLUS, you'll get access to six months of support!

You'll get my eyes on your work along with being able to access my expertise on creating for others and getting paid to create!

You'll get all this...


Digitizing Art, Scraps, & Ephemera: The Easy Way Masterclass

In the Digitizing masterclass, I'm sharing two ways I digitize and bring my real-life pieces of art, scraps, photos, and ephemera into my computer.

The possibilities are endless on what you can create and sell. Jumpstart your creativity and get inspired to start creating right away!


The Business of Digital Downloads Masterclass +Workbook

In the Selling What You Create masterclass, you'll get my roadmap to selling digital downloads and how to grow your income.

From setting up your store online, to how to deliver your designs, to making your customer experience exceptional, and everything in between, you'll get it all!


Designing for Others: Business Branding, Custom Design, Pre-Made Design & More

In this workshop, we'll go over all the steps to start designing for others. I share my resources for contracts, printing partners, my client onboarding process, and more! You'll also get my checklist and secrets to getting paid well to design for others!

You'll uncover the confidence to sell your services and leave the guesswork behind as you go through this action packed workshop!


Non-Selling Your Way to More Sales

In this workshop, I'm sharing the framework for consistent sales that I use in my own business! Marketing is such an icky word, and worse when you don't really understand what it is and how to do it effectively. We'll go over how to bring in more sales in less time and how to put sales on autopilot in the background while you're having fun creating!


Saturation Secrets: Strategies to Flourish in the Digital Design Space

Join me in this workshop for a deep dive into practical tips and proven techniques to make your mark, build your brand, and attract your dream clients. Discover the insider strategies for thriving in today's crowded digital design scene. You'll leave this workshop with actionable steps on how to make saturation a non-issue for your business!


Brave & Bold: Overcoming Fear to Shine Online

Are you tired of letting fear hold you back? Need some strategies on how to stop getting in your own way? Picture this: You, confidently strutting your stuff in the digital realm, sharing your amazing designs and ideas without a hint of hesitation. Get ready for interactive exercises and a whole lot of "aha" moments as you transform fear into fuel for your creative fire.

And you'll get some incredible BONUSES...

GET THIS SUPER BONUS - The PLC Template Workshop + Templates Files

This workshop is worth more than the entire Paid to Create Bundle! It's one of our most popular workshops!

Learn how to create planners, calendars, Pinterest pins, business cards, and more! We've gotten rave reviews from this workshop and it's never been available outside of our Design Business in a Box course until now.

You'll also get my actual template files so you can sell what you create!

BONUS VIDEO - From "Real life" Drawing to Digital Graphic

In this bonus video, I share a question from a student on how to turn a sketch/drawing into a graphic/clipart and then show her my process in Photoshop.


  • Getting Paid to Create Training
  • Elevate Your Earnings E-book
  • Offer Creation Idea Guide E-book
  • Twenty Lessons I've Learned as a Designer E-book
  • Access to the Students-only Private Community

Ready to turn your creativity into more income, more freedom, and more fun?

In addition to the high-value trainings found within this bundle, you'll also get SIX months of live support so that you can get all your questions answered and grow your confidence to be the creative business owner of your dreams!

*And, yes, we have a super easy payment plan on an already low price!



I want to design and sell digital scrapbook kits and other types of digital designs. Which of your trainings would be the best place for me to start with?

The Paid to Create workshops are fantastic place to start because it gives you actionable steps that you can start implementing right away along with a motivating boost to your creativity. Plus, you'll be able to get support along the way and have a place to get all your questions answered!

I use Procreate, Canva, and sometimes Illustrator. Do I need to know more Photoshop for this workshop bundle to be beneficial?

The workshop bundle focuses on strategy more than design. We do cover small bits of Photoshop but Paid to Create is comprised of trainings with all skill levels in mind along with understanding that there are many different design software you can use.

What's inside the Paid to Create bundle?

You'll get videos, workbooks, e-books, and more! Plus, during this live round, you'll be able to get personalized support and a place to get all your questions answered so you can super speed your progress and start reaching your creative business goals.

How is Paid to Create different from Design Business in a Box?

It's different from Design Business in a Box in that it has workshops that are a great add-on to the info we cover in DBB but it's also a great place to start and often a first step in which our students go on to join DBB. We even include a coupon code inside Paid to Create worth over $600 that you can use toward DBB. 

Another difference is the price point - some people want a smaller course to dive into without the commitment and higher price that is required in DBB.

Do I need to have a business already before I enroll in this program?

Nope. The content added into the Paid to Create bundle was curated with all skill levels in mind - so even if you're brand new to design and setting up a creative business, you'll soon find you're in the perfect place to get started.

I have a solid business in place, will this bundle still be helpful?

Absolutely. This is a great way to beef up your skills and add in some new services to your existing business. The bundle is full of ideas and step by step direction on how to add value and income to your business.

How long do I have access to the Paid to Create bundle?

How does lifetime access sound? Done! You also get access to any and all future updates at no additional cost. Once you're in, you're in.

What if I already have one of the trainings inside this bundle? Can I get a discount?

Because we're including live support and extra bonuses at such a low price point, we aren't able to extend other discounts. We know that the value you'll find on the live support alone will be 100% worth your enrollment fee.

Hi, I’m Kelli - your creative business BFF.

In 2009, while finishing up my bachelor’s degree in IT and Web Design, I started my design business offering website and graphic design to hundreds of businesses.

Over fifteen years later, my true passion lies in providing creative souls with easy access to our premium graphics as well as helping women grow their own creative business so they can increase their income on their own terms. 

I’m honored to help others tap into their creativity and turn it into possibility. I place a high value in a ‘community over competition’ mindset and believe a little belief in ourselves can empower us to do unbelievable things.