For years, I struggled to make my online business work but it turns out I just had the wrong business model.

You need this workshop bundle if you've:

  • Thought about ditching the physical inventory in your business and selling digital products only;
  • Been curious about potentially adding in a membership or course in your business;
  • Wanted to learn a better way to make sales and free up your time through a new business model that works for virtually any type of business.

Take your ideas and turn them into income!

We all have something to share!

In Passive Revenue Rock Star, I'm sharing my story of how I went from barely being able to pay my bills to running a thriving multi-six figure online business all with leveraged income + digital products.

When we tap into passive and leveraged revenue streams we can stop trading dollars for hours and work less for more money.

2022 might just be your best year yet!

We all have something we can share and turn that into profits!

Take what you know right now and turn it into revenue that comes in without you needing to be chained to your desk.


Passive Revenue Rock Star is the perfect workshop bundle on helping you get clear on how to make money from your ideas and turn them into digital products that you can sell.

Included in Passive Revenue Rock Star:

  • A Welcome Video to Set Yourself Up for Success!
  • Passive Revenue Training #1 - Increasing Your Income with Digital Products!
  • Passive Revenue Training #2 - Creating Income from Your Ideas!
  • Passive Revenue Training #3 - Becoming the Empowered CEO You're Meant To Be!
  • Passive Revenue Rock Star Workbook!

You need Passive Revenue Rock Star if:

  • You're ready to learn more about passive income and making life easier for yourself;
  • You've thought about creating a membership, course, or other sources of leveraged income;
  • You want in on my proven system to go from ideas to income and get financial freedom now!

Grab this value-packed workshop bundle at this super low price and start making BIG moves in your business NOW!

Three Workshops + a Workbook

Regular Price: $197

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Who am I to be teaching to this you?

Hi! I'm Kelli! I'm the owner of Pink Lemonade Company. My team and I have helped thousands monetize their creativity so they can find the freedom they want in their lives.

I started Pink Lemonade Company over 10 years ago when I was frustrated by not making enough money for my family. I didn't know how to run a business but I was determined to make it work. I was desperate to make it work.

I had no idea what I was doing in the beginning but I knew with some creativity + vision I could go from a broke hobby/craft mom to a successful boss lady. I was able to grow a business that provides solely for my three children and me - all from digital products.

Today I run a successful multi-six figure creative business teaching others how to use & create graphics, how to create their own digital products, and how to run their own creative business online.  

It is my mission to share what I've learned about growing an online business with other women. We all deserve to have amazing fun lives! Are you with me on that? If so, let's do this thing!

Here's why you need PASSIVE REVENUE ROCK STAR today...

You can start building your life to include:

  • Freedom so that you can have more time for yourself and your family;
  • A way to bring in more money without limits on your income;
  • Having fun every day and living life on your terms.

Our Clients Love Us

“I love how Kelli breaks everything down into short sessions. It really gives you time to process the information and since you have lifetime access, you can go back any time and rewatch. I recommend buying ANYTHING she offers!”

- Cinda Morehead - Asphalt Armadillo Co.

"This is just what I was needing! I already had a business but going through the trainings helped me to realize there were some things missing. I was able to implement a lot of Kelli's tips right away and it has completely changed how I run my business."

- Kim Clarkson Smith

"PLC has helped me tremendously. I am a member of the PLC Insiders and have taken many of the courses. I have learned so much! Kelli is amazing!"

- Julie Council -The Boho Flamingo Boutique


Regular Price: $197

ONLY $7!

Instant Access to the Bundle. Yours for Life.